Here it is. An update after a 4 month hiatus. What kept me so busy that I couldn't be bothered to update my own website?  Finishing the SNES portable, that's what!  It felt like I would never actually finish the project  but lo and behold, it is done. Actually, it has been finished for a couple of weeks now. :)   
     I love the SNES! It is still my favorite console from yesteryear and still get's more play than my 360, PS3, and Wii....combined.  Right now, I am knee deep in EarthBound and can't wait to start something else. The thing is, I play a lot of  "old school" jrpg's, which the SNES has in droves. The best thing is now I can play most of the non US releases that I never got to enjoy in my childhood, be it via Super Everdrive or cartridge reproductions. It is a great time to enjoy SNES games!
     While watching a movie with my better half, I realized that it would be incredibly convenient to play games and watch the movie at the same time. Naturally I started looking for portable SNES options.  Aside from emulating the games on an already portable device, I could buy a manufactured portable SNES.  The SupaBoy and the FC16 Go are currently the only two portable SNES options.   I thought about this route for a bit, both being less than or around $100.00 but they don't use actual SNES hardware which means not every games will be compatible. Also, both systems screens are small and not much can be said about their sound output. This won't do at all.  I need to see the beauty of every  16bit pixel. I need to hear the SPC700 sing.   I think I need to make my own portable SNES. :) 
Not much going on so I decided to post this mod for Everdrive. I am sure a lot of people have already done this before but here it is anyway.
    This post is a little late. I managed to put the components of the GBSNABox together a few days ago. After some testing, i.e.  playing retro console games on my computer monitor, I am happy to report that it still works! It's always a plus when a project doesn't blow up (unless that was the intention).  :)   The build log is updated with  some pics of the whole shebang (here), including a pic of my super sexy RGB modded AND overclock switchable N64. Speaking of,  I will be assembling another one of those very soon. Expect some pics and details regarding that, in the coming days.

     Arduino is fun.  I have been playing around with it for a couple of days and it is easy to see the potential it holds for the contemporary tinkerer. However, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the  information concerning Arduino.  Thankfully there is  no shortage of tutorials for the beginner, like  me.  Another positive aspect of the Arduino is that the sketches (a sketch is what programs for Ardunio are called) are written in  a simplified form of C.  While I am no expert, I do know the basics of C++, and that makes understanding Arduino all the easier. 


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My Arduino Uno came in and I made a lot of progress on the GBSNABox.  I have absolutely no experience with micro controllers but learning with the arduino should be a lot of fun.  Time to search for some cool projects.
  Besides the other usual pre-Thanksgiving hullabaloo,  I spent way too much of the day working on my GBS8820 box.  It is just a standard cga-to-vga scalar that I picked up off eBay for about $30.00 but I am modifying to use in conjunction with a cheapo scart to YUV converter.  OK, I know I don't HAVE to modify anything to make them work together but where is the fun in that. :) My build allows for the use of a single AC adapter, and some direct wiring  to make it easier to fit into a small project box.  Check it out here.